So there I am. I’m in Bangkok, seeing all the sights… hahaha joking! I’ve had a couple of days of getting drunk on Khoa San Road… Well I did see one sight, I was walking around for a few hours and came across this:

Victory Pillar or Victory Monument – not too sure what it’s called. Or what it stands for.

A random road in Bangkok.

The Food

When people now ask “what’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?” I can safely say boiled chicken feet, scorpions, and locus.

“If you don’t take a picture, it’s like it didn’t happen” – 21st century youths. So with that in mind:


Locus/ Grasshoppers

Then, we headed for some beers & buckets on Khao San Road. It was pretty darn mental.

Same for the next night really, Khoa San Road. Buckets and beers. And for those that don’t know, buckets generally are buckets with a load of cheap, dirty alcohol in them. About one or two buckets should do you just fine :).

I did visit Lumpini Park during the day, it’s just a normal park except for huge lizards living in it. They’re just causally chilling around.

Last Thought

I’m coming home on Monday. I miss my GF, BGC and a few others (you probably know who you are). Last but not least, I’ve had a shave (well, more of trim). That’s enough Bangkok for me

“You Party Hard, But Did You Die?”

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