Koh Phangan

Straight after Koh Samui, I took a ferry to Koh Phangan. This is known as the ‘party island’. It’s where the full moon and half moon parties take place.

I f***ed up my toe pretty bad. I was drunk and stumbled home off the beaten path, might have cut it on a rock or glass, I’m not sure.

To be fair, on this island, all the stories pretty much start with “I was drunk and then…”.

Anyway, not much out of the ordinary happened, just the usual: Ping Pong, drinking, Beach VolleyBall, sunbathing , sun burning, drinking, Beer Pong, sleeping, Rage Cage (one of the best drinking games, EVER! Ask me when I’m back to teach you!) and swimming at 1am.

I was hanging out with these cool German guys for a few days playing Bavarian card games (they only have the cards numbered 7 to Ace, it was weird to start with but I got use to it).

Koh Tao

This was by far the most beautiful island I’ve been on. It’s your typical tropical island. White sandy beaches, turquoise, clear water, palm trees etc. I don’t have many photos but I’m sure you can Google it.


SCUBA Diving

I spent most of my time learning to SCUBA (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) dive at Ban’s Diving Resort. I have got a video although it’s about 20 minutes long, so I’ll upload it when I’m back in England. As mentioned in previous blogs the Wi-Fi here is less than desirable.

I went on nine dives in total and completed my Open Water & Advanced Open Water Diving Certifications (down to 30 meters and night dives). The dives included exploring a WWII US Navy shipwreck, a night dive, lots of corals & tropical fish and I would use the letters “BBC” to describe one of the dives too.

WWII Navy Shipwreck

About 30m below the surface is a WWII shipwreck. As we circled the shipwreck we came across lots of different fish, a couple of huge guns and cabin rooms. The visibility was only about 5 meters which made it that much eerier.

Night Dive

Seeing the phytoplankton was a highlight. When you turn off your torch at about 10-15m down, the sea lights up with lots of plankton. They flash with every movement! A wave of your hand, a kick of your fin, it’s so cool.  I imagine it’s like being on LSD. We swam in darkness for a good 5 – 10 minutes and it’s strange how much you can see when your eyes adjust.

The “BBC” Dive

Pretty much just a normal dive except with much more fish. Literally thousands of fish! Thousands! I’m not one to exaggerate (haha) but there were thousands of fish swimming around a coral, around our bodies! Massive schools of silver fish swimming in unison following each other in perfect lines. Anyway, I hope I got the point across… Thousands of fish.


God, I look like a 15-year-old sad case.


Koh Phangan & Koh Tao

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