The ‘Touristic’ Island Off The East Coast

Ko Samui is the largest island on the right side of Thailand. It’s located about 6km off the coast. The sea is a very luscious blue and oh so warm! As you can imagine, I got sun burnt! I was lying the shade (although without sun tan lotion) but still managed to get burnt… So I don’t what’s going on. Maybe I’m just doomed because of my British genetics.


It won’t even turn into a nice tan. Just plain, old pasty forever. Anyway, the nightlife was pretty cool…

The Night Life

Although I’m not in Bangkok, I imagine it’s like a little Khao San Road. I’ll have to let you know when I get there.

There are so many big open bars and yes, it is boiling at night, but there’s a nice cool ocean breeze.

There were a few “strip clubs” around town. The guys I was with said that maybe 50-60% of the dancers are lady boys, I didn’t ask how they found out.

Bar Ice

A pretty “chilled” bar in Ko Samui. There was a beer pong tournament which we lost heavily! And, as you can image, they had an ice room.

Rock Bar

Probably one of the coolest places I’ve been to, bar-wise, so far on my trip. It’s this rasta bar that’s just built into the rocks on the beach, probably hence the name “Rock Bar”. It looks like they put it together with odd bits of wood they found but it’s awesome. And naturally they were banging out Bob Marley all day long.

Ko Samui

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