a-gb-leotard-winning-the-u18s-1024x681Josh is a young but high achieving individual.

By the age of 22 he had successfully set up and run a printing business and an Olympic Weightlifting magazine.

In 2015, Josh sold the printing company to a local, larger competitor, but still, to this day continues to run the Olympic Lifting magazine, Lifting Times.

He also happens to be a former Great Britain squad member, record holder and 2012 Olympic Torch Bearer, but that’s for another time.

Web Design

For the past few years he has been building websites for friends and relatives. He found a real passion for web development and design. In October 2016, Josh started Prystine Web Design, a local, creative web design agency in Oxfordshire. To contact Josh regarding web design click here.

Josh spends his days writing articles, managing the social media for Lifting Times and building websites. You can read about his travels here.