Before introducing myself and all the niceties that go with it, I believe you have come to this site for one of two reasons (or perhaps both). Either to have a read of my entrepreneurship/ travel blog. Or because you are interested in web design. You can read about both of those in the links supplied.

So moving on… Hi, I’m Josh Cox. I’m a web designer based in Oxfordshire and the owner of Prystine Web Design. I currently spend most of my days with my Macbook building lovely looking and effective websites for my clients. Check out some of my previous work here.

I am also the editor of Lifting Times, an online Olympic Lifting magazine. It also happens to be the only Olympic Lifting magazine in the UK. My site sees over 10,000 visitors each month with over 700 active subscribers. I draw from my experiences of over ten years as a lifter, including two years on the Great Britain Squad, and five years of coaching.

Additionally, I write for the Basingstoke Observer. I have been building websites for the best part of 3 years.